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DNF at 5%

The Registry - Shannon Stoker

It was free. And I'm a sucker for dystopian novels that want to send us back to some version of the Middle Ages—not because I want to go back to the Middle Ages, but because I am a medievalist, so I kinda get a kick out of seeing how modern people might deal with those constraints.


If the heroine, whose name already escapes me, had entered the Registry that will determine her husband, and therefore her future, with all the naive hopes of a thoroughly indoctrinated teenager, only to discover that it's a good thing to have a say in the person you marry, fine. If she had entered despite being nervous that she might suffer the same abuse that afflicted her sister, only to discover life could defeat her expectations, fine. But the idea that a carefully indoctrinated teen could suddenly develop a desire to resist—and in dialogue more appropriate to a Kardashian than to any dramatic heroine? Sorry, I'm too old for this, and I have read (or, more often, not read) too many previous renditions of this story.


it will probably be a big hit. People who love Divergent and its clones will probably love this one, too. Those who don't may want to pass this one by.