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Giveaway Announcement

The Winged Horse (Legends of the Five Directions) (Volume 2) - C. P. Lesley

The giveaway section on BookLikes seems to be just getting started. To support the program (because if BL authors don't use it, who will?) and to celebrate my new release, I have just posted a worldwide giveaway of 1 e-book copy of The Winged Horse. It begins July 3 at 9 AM and ends two weeks later to the minute (not sure if that is local time or Polish time). So if you're in the mood for historical romance and family feuds in a setting unfamiliar to most people in the Western world, head on over to the Giveaways section and enter (it's the newest entry, so look for it at the bottom of the list).


If I get a good response, I'll run another worldwide giveaway of the e-book and perhaps a print giveaway as well. But the print copy will have to be US only, alas, since our strapped-for-cash post office is keeping itself afloat by sending international rates sky high.