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Good Ending to a Memorable Series

The Final Sacrament (Clarenceux Trilogy) - James Forrester

This is the darkest of the Clarenceux trilogy, the most reflective, the most focused on religion. For that reason, I preferred the previous two books, Sacred Treason and The Roots of Betrayal, to this one. Even so, I found this a worthy end to the series, and much of it was really enjoyable to read. I won't summarize the plot, because it would spoil the first two books for new readers. But the highlight of all three is the sense of immersion in Elizabethan England.


I didn't assign a star rating only because I am interviewing the author next week, and I don't rate books whose authors I interview. But the rating that I accidentally gave to book 1 (and saw no way to remove) applies to the whole series.


Although I received a copy of Sacred Treason in preparation for the interview, I liked it enough to buy the other two myself.