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Ghosts Here and Hereafter

I thought I was sunk for a blog post this week. Friday morning rolled around, I had a full day's work ahead of me, and I didn't have a clue what to write, never mind when I would find time to write it. Then I remembered my interview with Yangsze Choo, the author of The Ghost Bride, and a comment she had made during our talk. Bam! My pre-Hallowe'en post was born. You can find it, if you're interested, at http://blog.cplesley.com/2013/10/cultures-of-eternity.html.


Happy haunting!


The person with the beads over his face is Chuonnasuan (1927–2000), the last shaman of the Oruqen people. Richard Noll, who took this photograph in Manchuria in 1994, has released it into the public domain via Wikimedia Commons. Tatar and Siberian shamans look just the same.