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The Corinthian - Georgina Sutton, Georgette Heyer

I'm on something of a Heyer rampage at the moment, having too many "serious" books to read and not enough serious brain cells left at the end of the day. I hadn't opened this book since I turned 18, and indeed remembered it as not one of my favorites, but in fact I am charmed. Pen Creed, 17 years old and raised as a boy until her father's untimely death dumps her into the opportunistic care of her Aunt Almeria, escapes when informed that she is to marry her fish-faced cousin Frederick and falls into the arms (literally) of Beau Wyndham, a noted and heartily bored Corinthian.


The beau, facing marriage to a cold fish of his own, decides to help Pen escape, and the rest is a delightful Heyer romp, marred only by the author's conviction that a man should regard his wife as an impetuous child.


Fortunately, Heyer outgrew this conviction in later years. She hadn't, yet. But in every other respect the book is Heyer at her wickedly observant best.