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New interview on New Books in Historical Fiction with the writer Ana Johns, whose wonderful debut novel just came out with Park Row Books.



The Discipline of Outlining

A post on writing, writing partners, and a brand-new project underway (this image is a clue).


My summer reading list is the subject of today's post. Find the full lineup at "Bookshelf, April 2019."


Source: http://My summer reading list is the subject of today's post. Find the full lineup at blog.cplesley.com/2019/04/bookshelf-april-2019.html

Changing Times

This week's blog post looks at my latest New Books in Historical Fiction interview, but also the passage of time and the strange experience of realizing that one's lifetime is now considered "historical."


Making Films for Joseph Stalin

This week's blog post, "Filming for Joseph the Terrible," revisits my recent New Books in Historical Fiction interview with Joan Neuberger about her new book, pictured here.


This week's blog post discusses Charles Todd's new book, just out from William Morrow, and the Ian Rutledge series of which it is one part: http://blog.cplesley.com/2019/02/the-black-ascot.html. Thanks so much for a great read!


And learn more about Yangsze Choo's wonderful new novel, The Night Tiger, in this Q&A on my blog. Isn't that a fantastic cover?


Books We Loved, Feb. 2019

Find out why we loved this and other books on our monthly list at Five Directions Press.


Hadn't realized how long it's been since I posted here (very busy year, with multiple book launches for me and others, interviews, etc.). This week's blog post looks at Jennifer Robson's new novel, so new it's not yet in the BL database, The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding. Picture says it all, but do check out the post to see why I loved this book.


Interview with Claudia H. Long

I just interviewed Claudia H. Long about on her latest novel, Chains of Silver, on New Books in Historical Fiction, a channel in the New Books Network.  Listen for free at http://newbooksnetwork.com/claudia-h-long-chains-of-silver-five-directions-press-2018/. (My cat approved of the interview and, as you can hear, attempted to take it over.)


The True Memoirs of Little K - Adrienne Sharp

Why I liked (or expect to like) this and other books is the subject of this week's blog post. Also an explanation for why I haven't spent much time recently on social media.

Interview with Mimi Matthews

The Lost Letter: A Victorian Romance - Mimi Matthews

In this week's post Mimi Matthews gives lovely, comprehensive answers to my questions about this book and its successors, one of which, The Viscount and the Vicar's Daughter, came out this past Tuesday.

Interview with Laura Morelli

The Gondola Maker - Laura Morelli

Mostly about her new book, The Painter's Apprentice, which seems not yet to have made it into the database yet. Too bad, because it's a gorgeous cover (expand the post to see it). Interview is on my blog.


Why a Vermilion Bird?

I see I've been falling behind on cross-posting my blog links. No fear, I still get one up every Friday, and you can always find the links on my Twitter and Facebook feeds on my author page. This week I'm preparing for the launch of the latest novel in my Legends series, The Vermilion Bird, now in proofs and due out in early December. But what is a Vermilion Bird? You can find the answer here. And here's a peek at the cover.


Steve Wiegenstein answers questions about his new book, The Language of Trees—due for release on Tuesday, 9/26—in this week's post. Lots of good words about writing, as well as a whole new series to love!


The Painted Queen: An Amelia Peabody Novel of Suspense (Amelia Peabody Series) - Joan Hess, Elizabeth Peters

And this week's blog post also expands on—surprise!—my interview with Joan Hess. This book is also on the Books We Loved list for September from Five Directions Press.