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The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith

Other people seem to like these books. And it's true the last 100 pages in each case have been riveting and the solutions surprising. In this case, the solution was also satisfying, unlike The Cuckoo's Calling, which left me scratching my head. But...


To really enjoy a mystery, I need more than a grisly corpse and some snarky remarks about the publishing world. I'd like a victim people mourn, whose fate I can care about, and suspects with distinct personalities who keep me wondering (before p. 300) whose particular combination of quirks and secrets drove them to break the taboo against willfully taking the life of a fellow human being—one with whom they have had a long relationship.


I don't find that in the novels of "Robert Galbraith." It's odd, since character was so much a part of what made the Harry Potter novels fun to read. But I wish Cormoran and Robin all the best, even though I will not be following their adventures from now on.