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The Grand Sophy - Georgette Heyer

A delightful story, however often I read it—not least because of the irrepressible Sophy and her equally determined adversary, Eugenia Wraxton, as straitlaced as Sophy is imaginative and resolute in her pursuit of the happiness of her friends and family.


Sophy arrives in London to find her uncle's family in a sorry mess. Her cousin Charles is engaged to marry Eugenia, to the dismay of his relatives. Her cousin Cecilia, promised to a wealthy earl, yearns for a poet. Her cousin Hubert has wasted his allowance and finds himself burdened with debts he has no means to repay. And her uncle, although technically head of the house, has lost domestic ground to Charles, heir to a handsome fortune.


But no fear, Sophy is on the job. And despite one scene involving a moneylender that reeks of antisemitism to modern eyes, Sophy pursues her goals with irresistible brio and aplomb. I docked the book half a star for that scene, but the rest is inventive, charming, and often laugh-out-loud hilarious.