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Raw Material - J.J. Marsh

One sunrise, Beatrice Stubbs is taking a break from her high-stress job on the Metropolitan Police by frolicking on a deserted beach near Cardiff with her long-time love, Matthew. Within minutes, Beatrice's bag is snatched, and by the end of the day someone has broken into her house, yet the local police see nothing beyond a heedless lad kicking over the traces.

Beatrice suspects more, but she can't stay to investigate, because her boss summons her back to London to deal with the disturbing case of a flasher who stalks young, vulnerable women. But behind Beatrice's back, Matthew and Adrian, her downstairs neighbor, decide to help out with the investigation in Wales. Too bad they have just enough sense of what cops do to get them into serious trouble. Now Beatrice has to find a way to keep them safe at the same time as she stops the flasher before he turns to rape....

Another smart, twisty mystery from a writer to watch.

#8 on my Reduce the TBR Challenge list.