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Friday 56

From Lee Smith, Guests on Earth, p. 56:


Meanwhile I could not keep myself from staring at the Fitzgeralds, even though I knew it was rude to stare. I also knew instinctively that they would never notice me anyway, just a skinny little girl in whom they could have no possible interest. Mrs. Fitzgerald wore a purplish coat and a gray cloche hat. She looked dull and almost ugly. He wore a tweed jacket and a white shirt and red bowtie, incongruously jaunty. Neither one of them ever spoke. They sat like dolls in a window staring out upon the world beyond them, a world they no longer owned. She was smoking. The waiter came with beer after beer.

For more on why I love this book, see http://blog.cplesley.com/2014/01/broken-vessels.html.