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Lion in the Valley: An Amelia Peabody Novel of Suspense - Elizabeth Peters

It is always interesting to return to a book I once loved. Sometimes the books are better than I remembered—as the same author's Curse of the Pharaohs proved to be. Sometimes they don't seem as good. Alas, that was the case here. The series is becoming more Rider Haggard-like, Amelia increasingly prolix (not to mention a bit dense at times), and Ramses less credible as a human being—never mind a child.


The basic mystery is sound, the setting of Egypt's Western Desert as stunning as ever, and the essential triangle of Emerson—Peabody—Ramses a family too good to ignore. The cat Bastet also deserves every second she gets in the sun. I am glad I read this book for a third time. Even so, I can’t help noticing that the author has her tongue just a bit too firmly in her cheek....