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Searching for Wisdom, in All Its Forms

Seeking Sophia - Ariadne Apostolou

First up, full disclosure: I know this author. In fact, I was involved in the book's production. For that reason, I normally would not review it—let alone rate it.

Even so, I think my comments may be useful to other readers. Because the truth is, this book belongs to a genre I wouldn't normally read. I like historical; this is contemporary. A book about a woman with a superficially satisfying international career and a handsome if commitment-phobic boyfriend who discovers midway that she has met her external goals but not her internal ones and sets off to restructure her life accordingly, in a novel version of Eat, Pray, Love—not, I would have said, my cup of tea. If I had not known the author, I would have left the book on the shelf and cheated myself, all unknowing, out of a great read.

The characters are clear (and appealingly flawed), the descriptions spring off the page, the writing is spectacular, and the story skillfully avoids clichés as it builds to an ending you would not expect but which may bring tears to your eyes. You will be both happy for Kleio, the heroine, as she reaches the end of her journey and sad at the necessity of saying goodbye.

So give it a try. I think you'll enjoy it.