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Garment of Shadows - Laurie R. King

I love the Mary Russell series, especially when Russell and Holmes are interacting—they make such a wonderful couple. My big complaint with King's recent books in the series has been that Holmes and Russell operate more or less independently for much of the book. Here they are back together again (not all the time, but enough).

The politics at the end is a bit head-spinning, even for a person who specializes in the Byzantine politics of 16th-century Moscow and the even more confusing whirligig of Tatar assassinations, usurpations, and split-offs. I'd have liked to see some of the details introduced earlier to avoid the spillover in the last chapter. But that's a small glitch in an otherwise fascinating story, set in the unfamiliar but beautifully evoked location of early 20th-century Morocco. Highly recommended, especially for Holmes fans.