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Ann Swinfen, The Portuguese Affair

I'm really enjoying this series. Here in book 3, we learn more of Kit's harrowing past, which both complicates his character and explains his extraordinary maturity. At nineteen, Kit is growing into his role as both physician and spy. Although the current mission—to free Portugal from Spanish domination while turning it into an English colony—appears problematic from the start, Kit has a personal stake in this journey that outweighs his natural reluctance to return to a place that holds so many horrifying memories.


To say more is to risk spoilers. I will note only that when I reached the end, even though I had anticipated it, I had to move immediately into Bartholomew Fair to find out whether I had guessed correctly. Kit's adventures continue, and book 4 looks like a worthy sequel to the first three. So stay tuned.


If this book were in the Booklikes database, I would give it four stars.