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Kissing Shakespeare - Pamela Mingle

Miranda is the teenage daughter of a pair of Shakespearean actors. She loves the stage, but how can she ever hope to live up to her mother, let alone excel? Does she even want to? When her first performance as Katherina, in The Taming of the Shrew, doesn't go well, Miranda can hardly bear to attend the cast party. She has let her parents down—and herself. So when a fellow cast member calls on her to join him in a strange and mysterious quest to save Shakespeare and his works, Miranda plays along, only to find herself transported to the 16th century, where views of women are only some of the challenges she faces.


Mingle's touch is deft, the cultural clashes alternately humorous and dramatic, and the characters both believable and appealing. Definitely one for the keeper shelf.


Note that this book is marketed as YA. Also that I interviewed the author regarding a later book, which I did not rate or review as a result even though I loved it. But this review reflects my honest opinion, and I did purchase the book.